OpenText Media Management On Demand

Manage your marketing media library in the cloud

Maximize the value of your digital assets. Minimize the time, resources, and cost of running a media management system.

OpenText Media Management On Demand (MMOD) is a hosted service for web-based digital asset management and creative workflows. Designed with corporate marketers, brand managers, and communications companies in mind, MMOD can be used to store, organize, protect, retrieve, and share media assets online.

Host your brand assets and digital media library in the Cloud with minimal hassle and IT investment. Securely access your rich media assets—video, audio, photos, and graphic files—in a user friendly and self-service environment. Make your marketing materials instantly available to both internal and external participants in your marketing ecosystem—from any place, to any device, in exactly the right format – for a low monthly subscription fee, no software purchase, and no IT involvement.


  • Maximize marketing efficiency and productivity by consolidating all creative content in a self-service, secure repository; ensure that media assets are easily findable and deployable in accordance to corporate brand standards.
  • Reduce costs for media storage and improve performance by increasing bandwidth availability; scale the system from a few hundred assets and users to hundreds of thousands, without impacting performance.
  • Experience faster returns on software investment through eliminated capital expenditures, rapid deployment and improved end user adoption.
  • Guaranteed security and performance—while you own the data, Media Management On Demand ensures that your system is always up and running, and that your data is secure.
  • Extend your system quickly and affordably with optional premium service modules, integrations, and software customizations.

As a trusted partner, OpenText has hosted online media libraries on the Media Management On Demand platform for some of the world’s leading brands since 1998.

Let MMOD deploy, administer and support your complete media management solution. It’s fast, cost-effective, and reliable. By delivering operational infrastructure, application expertise, and extensive support, OpenText Media Management On Demand gives you the ability to free up valuable time, resources, and budget so you can focus on maximizing the business value of your digital assets.