Microsoft® 2010 Launch

Open Text

Microsoft 2010 launch details

As a Platinum Sponsor, OpenText supports the Microsoft Office® and SharePoint Server® 2010 launch with the following product offerings:

  • OpenText ECM Suite 10 - Brings people, processes and all types of content together across the organization, managing all types of content including Microsoft Office content throughout its lifecycle, allowing users to work with their content in business context within their interface of choice including Microsoft Office and SharePoint.
  • OpenText Application Governance & Archiving for Microsoft SharePoint –OpenText Application Governance & Archiving for Microsoft SharePoint provides integrated, end-to-end management of SharePoint sites and documents across an entire enterprise. With it, organizations can take control of SharePoint sites to enforce broader compliance and archiving policies, open access to all enterprise content, and lower ongoing administration and storage costs.
  • Email Management – Designed with Microsoft users in mind, to help companies identify and capture vital email and cost-consciously dispose of unimportant email. Exposes message classification capabilities directly within Outlook 2010, allowing companies to manage business record and business relevant emails in accordance with policy. Fully integrates with both the active mailbox and the archive mailbox in Exchange 2010.
  • eDOCS DM – Boosts Microsoft Office 2010 productivity by capturing, organizing, locating, and sharing business content for a secure, richly integrated, user driven experience.
  • OpenText Enterprise Connect – With a powerful plug-in architecture and customizable business views, this desktop client supports Windows 7 and integrates with Office 2010, Outlook, and Explorer for rapid deployment of content-enabled applications spanning multiple enterprise systems, through a single sign-on, universal interface.
  • OpenText Explorer – Exposes core functionality of the OpenText Content Server within the Microsoft Windows desktop, allowing users to readily find, work with, and modify documents in the ECM system, directly from familiar productivity tools.

Support for Office and/or SharePoint 2010 will be available in the coming months! Check back here for more details.