Information Governance

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Manage and Protect Your Information with Information Governance

Faced with a constantly growing volume of information, organizations today are coming to the realization that they need the right strategy to manage and protect their assets.

Information Governance from OpenText is a proven solution that makes it easy for your organization to maximize the value and minimize the risks of your information.

Information Governance Is Good Business

Information governance is about managing and protecting your information to make sure it’s working for—not against—your organization.

The right information governance system helps you find the information you need and use that knowledge to make strategic business decisions. It makes it easy for your employees to adhere to information policies and for your organization to comply with regulatory and legislative mandates. With a single centralized governance system and an effective defensible deletion strategy, you can avoid the disruption and costs of investigations and discovery requests.

Minimize Risk

Guard your organization against the risks of IP loss, high costs, and damaged reputation.

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Ensure Compliance

Manage and secure your assets through consistent, easy policy application and compliance with regulation.

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Maximize Value

Get the most value from your information by making sure it is easy to find, efficiently managed, and everywhere you need it to be

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