OpenText Data Archiving
for SAP® Solutions

Secure, long-term storage for your SAP data archiving files

As your productive SAP database grows, standard SAP data archiving together with OpenText Data Archiving for SAP Solutions is the solution your organization needs to manage the size of the SAP database and ensure continued long term, secure access to historical data. Accelerate backup and recovery times, reduce administrative costs, minimize hardware costs and decrease the time it takes to implement SAP upgrades.


  • Reduce administration effort and resource consumption of the SAP database
  • Improve system SAP performance, response time and system availability
  • Reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) of your SAP system
  • Ensure compliance and reduce risks by secure long-term archiving of SAP data

A foundational component of the OpenText ECM Suite for SAP Solutions, Data Archiving for SAP Solutions is a secure, cost-effective solution to your SAP data archiving needs. It securely stores data with logical to physical archive management to help your company lower both the cost and risk of meeting data retention. When you need the data, it’s conveniently available directly from the SAP user interface.

Data Archiving for SAP Solutions is fully integrated with SAP applications. It is based on SAP NetWeaver technology and uses the SAP ArchiveLink interface to store archived data and print lists. Data Archiving for SAP Solutions is certified by SAP for “Integration with SAP NetWeaver” with the SAP ArchiveLink and SAP NetWeaver ILM interface certification.