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Manage Big Data and Unstructured Information with
Enterprise Information Management (EIM)

Enterprises are awash in unstructured information, content and big data. The growth and velocity of this data has created the need for a single source of truth. Enterprise Information Management (EIM) is the next big thing in that it can help organizations develop cohesive strategies that leverage existing assets and put them on the leading edge of competitiveness.

The Information Management vision of today's enterprise is to harmonize data management with enterprise content management (ECM) systems to help exploit opportunities that can lead to strategic advantages. This holistic approach is based on foundational technologies and provides organizations a single information architecture that improves business efficiencies, reduces costs and minimizes risks.

Download the Forrester EIM report to Learn About:

  • Why OpenText is cited as one of three vendors that “launched products that begin to shape the EIM future”
  • The top 4 business drivers behind information management strategies and capabilities based on global surveys of IT and ECM professionals
  • The wide and diverse EIM landscape of organizational departments, legacy systems, business content and unstructured data
  • EIM strategies that are helping businesses attain 360 degree views of big data and analytics, streamline organizational workflows, increase the quality of their information and create integrated user interfaces
  • Forrester’s EIM model that provides a guide for assembling the components for your information management strategy

Forrester Research, Inc.'s EIM July 2013 report
by Alan Weintraub with Leslie Owens and Emily Jedinak:
The Enterprise Information Management Barbell Strengthens Your Information Value

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Big Data and Enterprise Information Strategy