A Whole New Way to Work:Open Text Revolutionizes Collaboration with First-Ever Unified Platform

Livelink Touchpoint Unites Web Conferencing, Workspaces, Blogs, Instant Messaging and Presence. Single Interface for Graceful Ebb and Flow of Group Conversation

LinkUp Phoenix 2004, Phoenix, Arizona - 2004-11-16 - Open Text Corporation (NASDAQ: OTEX, TSX: OTC), the world s largest provider of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software, said today it is launching a revolutionary new collaboration platform that will create a whole new way to work online. Called Livelink Touchpoint, the solution is the first to unify Web conferencing, blogs, team workspaces, Instant Messaging and the ability to see the online presence of others into a single, seamless interface a complete contextual collaboration platform to make communication and online work easier.

Livelink Touchpoint is the first of many solutions to be based on Open Text s new services-oriented development platform, called the Livelink ECM Services Architecture, which was announced earlier today (http://www.opentext.com/news/pr.html?id=1546). Livelink Touchpoint is being demonstrated this week at Open Text s North American user conference, LinkUp Phoenix 2004. Open Text has begun trialing Livelink Touchpoint with initial customers and plans to offer the solution early next year.

"Organizations have many core and critical processes whose success is dependent on the capabilities of key people to share information, collaborate and make decisions in a timely manner. Historically, users have had to wander across multiple tools and interfaces to effectively search, aggregate, sort and consolidate content and team feedback," says Mike Gotta, Senior Vice President & Principal Analyst, META Group, Inc. Strategic solutions for improving business performance and innovation will exploit collaborative shared workspaces that seamlessly connect people and information to business process in a way that satisfies the workstyle needs of users and integrates contextually with line-of-business applications. These tools should support both real-time and asynchronous interaction models as well as unifying workers that are office-based and those that are remote or mobile."

Livelink Touchpoint is designed to better match the dynamics of human interaction, while eliminating the need for users to switch between applications to use different collaboration tools. For example, a user can see the presence of a co-worker online, Instant Message that person, then, with one click and within the same interface, quickly escalate that interaction into a Web meeting where the two can share documents or white board ideas. If necessary, the two can involve others and create a team workspace for an ongoing project. All collaboration occurs within the Livelink Touchpoint interface, with only a single click needed to add tools as the interaction progresses. Livelink Touchpoint also offers access to electronic content throughout the organization so users can easily access the information they need as they work with others online.

Effective team collaboration is vital to the global companies we serve -- the emphasis today is on making collaboration tools that are free of barriers, and that enhance and improve human interaction, said David Glazer, Chief Technology Officer of Open Text. In creating Livelink Touchpoint, we carefully analyzed the way people work together and created a solution that moves gracefully with the ebb and flow of group conversation, letting users concentrate on the tasks, not the tools.

Livelink Touchpoint offers a rich, dynamic collaborative environment that will integrate with all of Livelink s ECM features -- content management, knowledge management, records management, workflow, search and other tools as well as with other Open Text ECM solutions and customers other business systems, such as ERP and CRM applications. This feature lets users working in Livelink Touchpoint easily access content from across the business, whether in Livelink, Microsoft Sharepoint, SAP, Siebel or others. The solution also includes integration with Microsoft Outlook for scheduling.

Over the next year, Open Text will add new capabilities to further develop Livelink Touchpoint as a core collaboration interface for the Livelink ECM suite. Future enhancements include video, voice and mobile device integration.

For more information on Livelink Touchpoint, go to: www.opentext.com/touchpoint. Open Text will be holding a series of webinars on collaboration and Livelink Touchpoint. For more information, go to http://www.opentext.com/touchpoint

Open Text s annual North American user conference, underway this week in Phoenix, Arizona. For more information, go to: http://www.opentext.com/linkup/

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