Fuel the speed of innovation with OpenText Tempo

The future of business is social, mobile, and in the cloud. Leading organizations are providing their workforce with user-friendly tools that support content and social collaboration, improve workforce effectiveness, and amplify marketing strategies.

OpenText Tempo provides a better way to work within secure and compliant enterprise information management systems.

OpenText Tempo is:

  • Tempo Box: Bring secure file sync and share to your organization. Learn more
  • Tempo Social: Support collaboration and fuel innovation. Learn more
  • Tempo Note: Capture ideas, share thoughts, and record notes in this user-friendly tool, integrated into Tempo Box.

Learn the top reasons to become a social business in the white paper: Collaborative Businesses Succeed on an ECM Foundation. Download your complimentary copy by filling out the form.

Discover why OpenText Tempo is:

  • Designed for the Enterprise: Tempo ties seamlessly to your ECM application and provides your workforce with enterprise-grade security, compliance, scalability, and customization capabilities.
  • Fuel for Productivity: Improve workforce effectiveness by working across silos and facilitating knowledge transfer from a single source of truth.
  • Fuel for Innovation: Provide users with purpose-driven social applications that enable ideas to be easily accessed and shared from virtually any device, anywhere, any time.

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Collaborative Businesses Succeed on an ECM Foundation