Discover an Easier Way to Accelerate Interoperability in Healthcare

Webinar: The Road to Patient Information Sharing in the Health Network

The road to information sharing in healthcare can be difficult to navigate.  In this webinar, IDC Analyst Judy Hanover will discuss the rocky road to patient information sharing, including interoperability, trends in information sharing and the evolution of benefits by implementing a secure way to electronically exchange patient information. She will also discuss:

  • Why security and interoperability are business imperatives for health systems
  • How care fails when information sharing fails
  • Direct messaging:  Importance, key trends and present realities
  • Future trends in secure patient information exchange

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Judy Hanover
Research Director, Provider IT Strategies

Judy Hanover provides research, market analysis and consulting on healthcare information technology, strategy and best practices for both the inpatient and ambulatory healthcare settings and IDC Health Insights. Her understanding of healthcare information technology is based on her experience working in the healthcare provider and payer vendor community, as well as her experience with healthcare IT end users. Ms. Hanover serves as a research director for IDC Health Insights’ Healthcare Provider IT Strategies practice and also contributes to the Healthcare IT Spending Guide.

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Date: March 24, 2016
Time: 1:00 PM EST