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Slow and inefficient processes are a thing of the past

Business requirements are changing faster than ever and often more rapidly than IT can meet them. When decision makers are on the hook to improve business processes as a way to keep up with new market requirements, the competition, and growth initiatives, they need something beyond rigid, manual processes and unwieldy custom suites that take from months to years to develop.

Introducing OpenText Process Suite

The OpenText Process Suite is the new era of BPM that evolves with your changing needs. The Process Suite was designed to be a comprehensive process automation and case management solution that supports business agility, collaboration, efficiency and lets you respond quickly to the needs of your customers and employees. With the workforce changing, your processes must engage users when, where, and how they desire – on mobile devices and with social capabilities to promote an engaging experience for service requesters and providers.

Discover how the Process Suite provides:

  • Faster time to value with pre-built service components
  • Flexible deployment with packaged applications and component libraries.
  • The broadest set of EIM services to help you seamlessly integrate your BPM.
  • More deployment options including SaaS, PaaS, on-premise, and hybrid availability.
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Eliminate Process Friction

An organization needs speed and agility to deal with new product or service launches, growth mandates, or competitive plays. Process automation solutions can fuel this agility, and businesses need a free flow of new solutions, changes to existing solutions, and new capabilities such as social and mobile interfaces.
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The 4 Biggest Trends Changing BPM

BPM is evolving faster than ever to keep up with the changing business requirements that users face every day. Discover the four biggest trends that not only are changing BPM, but how your business keeps its competitive advantage.
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CEO Blog – Accelerating Time to Value

Agility is key to capitalizing on innovation and achieving success. Business dexterity requires the seamless integration of business with management processes. High performing companies work to align operational speed (executing quickly) with strategic vision (increasing time-to-value) and speed-to-deployment.
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Download the IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Business Process Platforms2014 Vendor Assessment today