A stellar customer experience is the difference between a kazoo and a French horn.

If you’re not engaging your customers, you could be losing them. Last year alone, 66 percent of global customers switched service providers due to poor customer experience—up 4 percent from the previous year, according to Accenture. They estimate that this “switching economy” puts $5.9 trillion up for grabs globally every year.

That’s a significant sum to leave up to chance. “The bad news is, this prize money isn’t put up by some organizing committee: It’s taken from the pockets of the losing companies and awarded to the winners,” says Tim Walters, Ph.D., partner and principal analyst at Digital Clarity Group. “That is why CEM [Customer Experience Management] is an imperative—and indeed it is the imperative—for virtually every company operating today.”

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  • How organizations are meeting the latest challenges presented by CEM
  • Why CEM is so crucial for business success
  • How enterprises should evaluate and select enterprise-level CEM solutions

Featured Speakers:

Kim Celestre
Senior Analyst
Forrester Research, Inc.
Marci Maddox
Senior Director, Customer Experience Management Solutions


Leo Mindel
Technology Director
Sotic Digital Sports Agency, UK
Scott Marshall
Director of Applications Development
Roopesh Nair
Vice President, Global Strategy Co-Lead, Consumer Engagement Platforms
Sapient Nitro



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Expert Speed Round: 7 CEM Trends in 40 Minutes