Developer Lab

Developer Lab

Developer LabThe Developer Lab returns to Enterprise World and it will be bigger and better than ever, come along and see how easy it is to use our technologies in sessions led by experts from the engineering teams that build them.

We have two labs this year and a whole range of technologies for you to come along and learn more about whilst getting hands on in the process. All skill levels are welcome and you will be able to build mobile applications, applications using no code at all, learn how to customize your UIs, generate mobile apps, archive information, create reports, analyze big data and much more besides.

Here is a sample of the sessions you can join, more sessions may be added before the event so do check back. Whilst at Enterprise World be sure to check the mobile app so you can view the up to date schedule, and book yourself onto a session or two in the process.

Three different sessions where you will be able to build custom mobile apps, discuss and get hands on with JavaScript frameworks, and finally get hands on with the new for 16.2 AppWorks Desktop Client.

AppWorks Low Code
Three different sessions, in these you will be able to build your own application in no time at all. The first session will cover the foundations, subsequent sessions will then add Lifecycles, Content, and Reporting capabilities.

In these sessions you will use TeamSite for content creation and distribution, LiveSite for content delivery and the AppWorks mobile clients to consume the content via the LiveSite RESTful APIs

Content Server Perspectives
We will have two different sessions where you can get hands on building custom Perspectives and Custom Widgets.

Info Archive
In these sessions you will be able explore the role based encryption/decryption and masking capabilities of Info Archive

Three different Analytics sessions will run, Developer Productivity using the Analytics Designer, Building Analytics Applications, and finally, Understanding you Data with Big Data Analytics

Documentum REST Services
Sessions will run on how to consume REST services from Documentum Content Server.

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