Lead the Digital Financial Services Revolution

Over the next five years, digital disruption will displace 4 out of 10 incumbents. The Financial Services industry is no exception.

“Many conventional banks are going to fall by the wayside. Those that make it will no longer be ‘banks’, but software companies, competing with the digital players and with a completely different value proposition.”

Francisco González, Chairman and CEO of BBVA1

The power of disruption is yours. How do you capitalize on it? Whether you're a pure-play startup or an established financial brand, the only way to survive disruption will be to digitally transform your business processes and information, operate at the speed of digital, and deliver a range of products and services using digital channels.

By embracing digital transformation you will be able to increase compliance and security, improve customer experience, and optimize business efficiency to achieve higher profits.

Enterprise Information Management (EIM) is the key technology that enables financial institutions to simplify their volumes of information, digitalize their operations, and accelerate their business for success in the digital world.

Read the book Digital Financial Services, The Greatest Revolution Since Minted Money, to discover strategic approaches to capitalize on digital disruption opportunities.

About the Authors

Mark J. Barrenechea, OpenText Chief Executive Officer and Chief Technology Officer

P. Thomas Jenkins, OpenText Chairman of the Board

1 “Chairman of BBVA analyzes effects of technological revolution on banking industry at Harvard University,” BBVA Press Room, April 22, 2015.

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Read the book Digital Financial Services, The Greatest Revolution Since Minted Money